A little end of year message ....


    A little end of year message ...

The word 'Kinfolk' means members of one family, people who belong together, who look out for each other, the ones you love and can rely on. 

It was no accident that I called our little soap company 'Kinfolk'. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about family. I am so thankful for my husband, our children, son in law and sweet little grand baby.  Then there's the family we choose, those gorgeous friends who we love so dearly. 

This year, especially after all that has been happening, we will be focusing on the people we love and a less is more approach. Our plan is to keep it simple, small gifts chosen or made with love, less excess with food and presents, sharing the load between us so that everyone feels included and no one overburdened. 

A quieter time may feel imposed by the circumstances we find ourselves in but good things can come from it. For these holidays we are opting for calm, for a gentler pace, less fanfare and more mooching about doing what you like to do. My main aim though is to sit on the floor and play all day with our lovely grand baby. What a delight it is to have a little person in the family again.  

Smaller and simpler doesn't mean less. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. By pulling together, helping out, bringing food to share and avoiding the excesses we free ourselves from the stress and expense. We also avoid contributing to the incredible amount of food and unwanted presents that end up in landfill. 

So, a big BRAVO to you if you're making your gifts, but if you can't or don't want to then please shop small as much as you can. Small businesses, independent artists and makers, local producers are more grateful than you can imagine for your patronage. And that includes us ... So we offer a HUGE thank you for this year of support, encouragement, orders and friendship.  

I started Kinfolk Soap at the beginning of this year. It feels like a lot longer somehow. It has given me purpose, a creative outlet, good honest work and an opportunity to be part of a growing community of heartlifting, encouraging and supportive Kinfolkers. I feel very grateful. 

Hopes for 2021 - to continue to make beautiful ethical products for you, to spend lots of time with family and dear friends and to be careful with our planet in the process. 

Sending our best wishes for a safe, happy and beautiful festive season. 

From our family to yours .


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