Many of our herbs, flowers and botanicals are grown organically in our garden in the Blue Mountains.

Oils, butters and clays are purchased through a local distributor and we choose to buy fair trade, ethically sourced and responsibly harvested products.

We use only plant based colourants in our soaps - clays, indigo, alkanet root, spirulina, paprika, turmeric. We use no synthetic dyes.

Care for Your Soap 

Once you receive your soap unwrap it and store in a dry, airy place. Keeping your soap as dry as possible, during storage and also between uses, ensures a longer lasting soap bar. When in use, stand your soap on a soap rack to allow it to fully dry. Soap that is left to sit in a puddle of water will quickly soften and start to melt,  significantly shortening its life.


You can expect to receive your soaps wrapped in as much recyclable material as possible. From time to time we may reuse plastic packaging or bubble wrap that has come with supply orders to avoid further waste.  


We believe that beautiful things should be available at every budget.

When buying ingredients and supplies we aim to buy locally, reduce freight miles, minimise packaging and to support ethical/ fair trade companies. Often when buying very cheap supplies the cost is born by someone else further down the chain and we believe that being aware of the impact of your purchases, both negative and positive, is important.

Product range 

Our soaps are made the traditional way using the cold process method. We start by formulating our recipes, infusing oils and creating natural colourants. The blend of oils is then saponified, colours and fragrances are added and the soap is left for 24-48 hours before cutting. Once cut, the soap bars cure for up to three months before being made available for sale.

Catherine is a qualified Naturopath and can be contacted for advice about the best products to use for various conditions. Her naturopathic knowledge is incorporated into our formulations. 

From time to time we will be releasing discounted bundles of soap. These are all high quality soaps but if we are overstocked,  have discontinued lines or just need to free up some space we may need to move them on. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear when these special offers become available. 

We are always happy to hear from you about products you would like to see added to our range. Feel free to email us your suggestions.

Baby products

In November 2019 the littlest member of our family arrived earthside. It was their arrival that prompted the formulation of our baby products.  

Delicate skin needs special consideration. Our baby products are gentle, effective and simple.

Our Lulu's Lather Baby Bastille Soap contains few ingredients - saponified olive oil, caster oil and cocoa butter. That's it. Nothing else. No fragrances, no colours, no preservatives, no nasties. 

How we started

Our soap making started as part of our interest in living low tox, low waste, self sufficient and sustainable lives. 

We started out making soap, detergents and cleaning products for ourselves and began sharing them with our friends. 

Our products just feel better to use. Whether it's a delicious soap, some homemade laundry detergent or balm for a baby's bottom you can feel the difference. There's a noticeable lack of chemicals, plastics and bad karma. We hope you can also feel the care and love we load into our products.

Shipping and returns

We ship your order for a flat rate via Australia Post.

Free contactless collection is also available from Kurrajong Heights.

Should there be a problem with your purchase please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.

Products will only be refunded if they are damaged. We do not refund if you change your mind.

If you have any other questions about returns please contact us.

How can I stay up to date with Kinfolk Soap?



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Where can I buy Kinfolk Soap

You can purchase right here on our website or via Facebook.

Email list

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Gift wrapping 

All our soaps are carefully wrapped for shipping.

If you are purchasing soap for a special occasion gift wrapping with a card is available on request. We are happy to write your personalised message on the card and ship directly to the lucky recipient. 

Custom Made Soap Orders

We are happy to make custom orders and bespoke soaps for a range of occasions. Custom soaps are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and scents are a great option for:
Wedding or party gifts
Boutique accomodation and B&Bs looking for a personalised soap without having to order huge minimum quantities.
If you would like to design your own soap and have it made for you (minimum 10 bar order)

If you would like to discuss options or pricing please contact us at kinfolksoap@gmail.com

Wholesale and bulk purchasing

Contact us to discuss purchasing in bulk for your home, business, community project or special event. 

Contact us

Got a question, special request or product suggestion? Get in touch with us at kinfolksoap@gmail.com or via Instagram or  Facebook