Calendula for Skincare

For many years I used calendula naturopathically in teas, creams and tinctures to treat sore throats, reduces fevers and ease muscle cramps.

It's now an integral ingredient in many Kinfolk products. It started with making my own infused calendula and chamomile oils to create nappy cream for my little grand baby. It was so effective that it has now been incorporated into soaps, face cleansers and other creams.

Traditionally it was thought that the calendula plant would flower only on the first day of the month which lead to its name, which in Latin means 'little calendar'. 

Medicinally, calendula has five main compounds which provide the soothing, healing and restorative skincare properties we love in our products. 

Our calendula is grown organically in our garden in the Blue Mountains. We harvest the flowers at their peak and dry them slowly, using no artificial heat, to maximise their medicinal properties. The petals are then removed from the flower heads and steeped in extra virgin olive oil for up to six months. We use this infused oil to make soaps, creams and baby balm. 

The calendula plant is a great addition to vegetable gardens. It repels pests like aphids and attracts beneficial bugs. Once it finishes flowering the plants are chopped up and dug back into the soil or composted. It's the ultimate no waste, good for you, good for the garden plant. 

Calendula is great for soothing dry skin, easing the inflammation of psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis and is a miracle for nappy rash.

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