DIY Soap Racks - How to make your soap last a lot longer... especially in this humid, rainy weather

Some of you may have noticed during this hot, rainy weather that your soaps feel wet. You may even see some moisture beading on the top. 

Don't be alarmed - this is a good thing. Naturally made, cold process soap contains lots of glycerin. Glycerin is a by product of the soap making process. It is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture. The water, or as the more delicate describe it 'Glycerin Dew', is not coming from your soap but is being drawn out of the air. This same glycerin is one of the many reasons why our soap doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. 

The best way to deal with this is to simply wipe your soap with a towel or place in front of a fan. If it is the soap you are currently using it's getting wet a lot anyway. If it's the soap you are storing for later use it's a good idea to try to place it somewhere well ventilated, standing on it's end so as much air can get around it as possible. It doesn't affect your soap in any way, it can just be a bit messy. Keeping your soap as dry as possible, at any time, not just during humid or rainy weather, ensures that your soap continues to cure, dry out and harden making for a longer lasting bar. 

If you live somewhere tropical or are in an El Nino time it can be helpful to place your soap in a container with some moisture absorbing sachets to get you through the very damp days. 

To care for the soap you are currently using, place it on a soap rack of some sort so it can dry as much as possible between uses. It doesn't have to be fancy, although if you have lovely soap it's nice to sit it on something glamorous. 

You can purchase soap racks from us or pick one up next time you're shopping. If you're inclined to make something of your own, save a few dollars and not contribute to more landfill then we have you covered. 

Your soap rack has one role - to keep your soap from sitting in a puddle of soap melting water. To that end you can use just about anything. A container lid with some sturdy rubber bands criss crossing creating a little hammock for your soap, a plate with some rocks that the soap can sit atop or some twigs creating a bridge for your favourite suds. (See pic)


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