Kinfolk HQ's Favourite Soaps !

Do you remember the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where that lispy,  know it all kid gets all smarty pants about Wonka Vision ? Me too, I love that movie. 

Where I'm heading with this is that I wish we could have Smello-Vision for our soaps. It's so hard to describe their fragrance and honestly, I rarely do it justice. It all sounds so flowery and overblown. I looked at a few other soap sellers to see how they got their smells across and stumbled upon this doozy...

"Scent : The Rollright Stones of ancient Oxfordshire. Wishes hang from a Cananga tree, dried mandarin peel from spells cast long ago sit beside the king stone, and patchouli leaf softly smoulders in an earthenware bowl casting aromatic smoke rings through the hedgerows."

Oh-kaaayyy. I still don't know what it smells like.

So until we get Smello-Vision or my powers of description improve I am just going to hope you get my meaning and that you feel free to contact me if you need more information. 

While I try very hard to make our soaps beautiful to look at, the scent is the thing that really does it for me. I am often asked which soaps are my favourites so here is my Kinfolk Top Ten (in no particular order, please don't make me choose...)

1. Vanilla Patchouli & Sandalwood. This was one of the first soaps I made that I truly loved and I still use it all the time now. It's the one I give to friends when they need a lift. It smells soooooo good. Earthy, sweet, woody.

2. Chai. This spicy little number always makes me swoon. 

3. Yuzu. Who doesn't love a fresh, citrusy, weird Japanese grapefruity kind of scent ?

4. Salt Spa Bar. Lots of essential oils in this one - lavender, lemon, orange, ylang ylang, frankincense, Himalayan salt, lemon zest, rose petals. Say no more.

5. Lulu's Baby Bastille. I made this soap especially for my very own little grand baby. This child makes my world sing and I can never be anything but happy when I am with them. Now you know why it's a favourite.

6. White Tea. Fresh fresh fresh

7. Gardener's Soap. I love my garden. I love growing all the herbs that go into our soaps. I love my chickens mooching around my feet. I love grubby hands and all things green so at the end of a day like that you need Gardener's Soap. It feels wholesome and good. 

8. Bloom. This one is also crazy full of essential oils - pear, orange, lemon, peony, grass, jasmine, ylang  ylang. Then it's topped with zillions of dried petals. 

9. Multi Purpose Soap Flakes. Because this humble soap makes my life easier. I use it in the laundry, kitchen, to clean bathrooms. It means no plastic bottles of weird chemicals and I feel like a righteous eco warrior whenever I use it. 

10. Coconut. This soap looks so simple but it leaves your skin feeling soooo good. 

So there it is, our top ten. 

But I've made one I've called Festival Soap and I think once it's ready to use it's definitely going to have to bump someone off the list...



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