Merry Christmas & Thank You


It’s been a year hasn’t it ?

There’s been so much hard stuff happening in the world and in our lives.

It makes me wonder how we got here, and yet, I can’t help but feel hopeful.


It is with a full heart that I send out this missive of gratitude.


Thank you to all of you who have supported Kinfolk through orders, sharing of posts, recommendations, lovely messages and comments – it makes a huge difference to this one woman show and I am deeply grateful for it all.

I love reading your comments, reviews and emails.


I understand how tight finances are for many and the fact that you choose to spend your hard earned dollars with me is beyond wonderful. In choosing to flex your spending power  with a small business you not only keep Kinfolk up and running but you also exercise your financial clout to support a business who believes that ethical, sustainable, quality products are for everyone.

Thank You Thank You Thank You


In supporting Kinfolk you have contributed to donations to :

A local aged care facility

Women’s and Children’s crisis services

Two public hospitals

One community health centre

Two public schools

An asylum seekers medical service

Eighteen families who needed emergency supplies

Christmas gifts for twelve people who wouldn’t have had anything to give this year.


Personally, this year has been huge for me. Like most of us, there have been lots of ups and downs. Health issues, supporting aging parents, keeping a small business ticking along during a time of serious financial distress for many, feeling the heart wrenching distress of seeing the world go to hell in a handbasket, dealing with the unending small stuff that drives you crazy and yet…


There was also the absolute joy of :

Being with my beautiful family who I love oh so much

Being a grandmother which is quite possibly the best thing ever

The swooning delight of knowing there is another very special, very loved little one about to join our family

The love, laughs and cups of tea shared with a of a handful of very special friends

My garden, that always brings me so much happiness

Feeling the dopamine hit of a Harry Styles concert with my daughter

Some lovely swims in briny ocean pools

Feeling loved and supported

Being creative and having the opportunity to do things that help me feel most like myself



I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas spent with people you love.

I hope that the smiles outnumber the presents.

I hope the year ahead is peaceful and kind to you

I hope that you get to do what you love


Merry Christmas

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