Plastic Free July and how to easily make a difference

So this is how my day has gone so far...

Got up and showered using Kinfolk soap.
Cleaned the bathroom using spray cleaner made from Kinfolk soap offcuts.
Headed to the kitchen for breakfast then washed up using our Dish Washing Solid Bar.
Put on a load of washing using our Make Your Own Laundry Liquid.
Set the dishwasher to go with dishwasher detergent I make myself.
Did a little side hustle making some chilli sambal from some end of season jalapeños ,which I heat preserved in recycled jars. 

The effect of all this is not to be smug but to say, having made the switch to using our own cleaning products and seriously auditing the amount of plastic we previously used, things feel pretty good. I did lots of things that many of us do everyday but it didn't require any trips to the supermarket, rubbish dump or recycling bin. And it's really easy !

We have been sold a bogus bill of goods by marketing companies that tells us to nuke our houses with chemicals and fake scents and then think they are clean. There are so many toxic chemicals in your average supermarket detergents and household cleaners. Using these products means your house is probably dirtier than before you started cleaning. Your home doesn't have to smell like fake lemon or eye watering bleach to be clean. 

Our house and clothes are squeaky clean in the real sense. Making our own products means no harsh chemicals, no plastics to sit in landfill for thousands of years and a clear conscience. It also saves us a stack of cash that can be put toward things way more fun than stinky chemicals. 

No more single use plastics, no more bins full of rubbish and plastic waste, more money in my pocket, house and clothes don't smell like a chemical factory. It's a big win for me, our family and the planet. 

If you are trying to go plastic free this July (or forever - yay for you!), then starting with your own home and body is a pretty great place to launch in. 


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