Exfoliating Scrubs - with free recipe to make your own !

Scrubs are a great way to help along the natural exfoliation process. 

The gentle grit sloughs off dead or dry skin cells leaving skin smooth, soft and more radiant. Scrubs are best used on the body. For facial exfoliation try a gentler polish. 

Scrubs are not always suitable for people with thin or sensitive skin so always do a patch test first. You may still be able to use one if you significantly reduce the amount of sugar in your mix to lessen the abrasion. You can replace the sugar with soothing clays such as kaolin clay.

Most scrubs are either sugar or salt based. 
Salt based scrubs, especially if you're using plain table salt, can be drying. If you do want to use salt in your scrub make sure it is a mineral rich, good quality salt like Himalayan or sea salt. 
Sugar scrubs are generally better and can draw moisture into the skin. They are less abrasive than salt scrubs. Most sugars are fine to use but coconut sugar is particularly good especially if you have sensitive skin. 

To use a scrub simply apply generously to damp or dry skin. Gently work over skin in circles for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a good moisturiser while skin is still damp. 


So how do you make a scrub ? You probably have some these ingredients in your pantry and you can make your scrub as simple or enhanced as you like. 

Here's a basic recipe to get you started. 

80g coconut sugar (or any other sugar you have. You could also substitute up to 30g of good quality salt here)
15g good quality oil such as almond, avocado, macadamia, shea butter
1gr Vitamin E

You can then add in optional extras if desired and choose depending on your skin type :

essential oils
sea buckthorn powder
epsom salt 
hibiscus powder
dried sea vegetable
botanicals - lavender, chamomile, rosemary, peppermint
rose hip powder
ground coffee
ground oatmeal
beneficial clays - pink zeolite, bentonite, kaolin clay

Place sugar/salt into jar or bowl. If using shea butter melt first then add to dry mix with vitamin E. If using oil simply pour over dry mix and add vitamin E. Mix to combine and use as is or add in extra ingredients. 

Keep any remaining scrub in the fridge.

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