Super Lush Avocado Soap & Why Avocado Is So Good For Your Skin.

Time to have your mind blown people ! This soap is the most luscious, downright indulgent soap we have ever produced and that's saying something. 

This moisturising, cleansing, all round amazing bar is loaded with fresh avocado. In fact we use two whole avocados per batch. Add to this a whopping amount of avocado oil, French green clay and fresh citrusy essential oils and you've got yourself a superstar soap. 

So why is avocado so good for your skin ? 

It contains lots of antioxidant vitamins A, D & E. These three vitamins affect the structural framework of skin cells. They improve suppleness of dry or aging skin and provide protection against free radical damage.

It also is a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which help strengthen the integrity of your skin and shore up the natural protective lipid layer skin barrier. This helps your skin retain moisture and reduces the effects of skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Avocado is high in a naturally occurring plant sterol called sterolin.  Studies have shown that sterolin does a great job of softening skin and reduces the incidence of age spots.

This powerhouse fruit also contains lecithin and potassium which are beneficial for the skin and hair. Postassium is a key mineral for retaining moisture in skin cells and supporting that all important lipid layer of skin.

So, grab yourself some of our Super Lush Fresh Avocado Soap and try to include some in your diet too.

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