Survey Results ,Your Queries Answered & A Big Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our recent survey.

It is so helpful to hear what you like. You had some great ideas about things you’d like to see  included in our range and we will definitely be thinking about these once the Christmas preparation/Christmas season is over.

We started answering questions individually but there are lots of you with similar queries or ideas so thought we could address them here.



Lots of you love Bargain Bundles (no surprise there).

Most Kinfolkers get their information via FaceBook or Instagram so we’ll keep posting !

We were super chuffed to receive so many compliments and positive feedback and thank you so much for your kindness.


Here's a little sample ....

‘The best soap. It looks beautiful, smells beautiful and feels wonderful. The soap is creamy - a beautiful lather. I look forward to using a new bar but also sad when it's coming to the end. I love that you also incorporate ingredients straight from your garden. Thank you for producing such wonderful products.’


‘Lovely people working ethically. Interesting and beautifully smelling products, both soap and candles. Also love that charity/community care is part of the business.’


‘Beautifully crafted and deliciously scented products. The skin care nourishes and feels lovely to apply. The shampoo and conditioners are great leaving hair feeling not just clean but soft and with less static. Soaps feel nice to use and look so nice on their racks! And the candles burn beautifully and especially with the cold and wet weather have given the house a warm and fresher scent. When I look to buy any products I have a basic criteria: Australian made and owned. Light impact on the environment. Good products and friendly approachable business. And ingredients and scents that won’t cause reactions. Thank you for being all this. 😊’




Household Cleaners

There were a few requests for household cleaning products like kitchen spray and dishwasher tablets. We are not currently planning on increasing our house products. This is mostly because we don’t want to use plastic bottles and the glass alternatives are very expensive and difficult to post.

We do stock laundry liquid kits and soap flakes.

You might also like to have another look at our Low Tox Cleaning Guide which has lots of cleaning tips and recipes to make your own products.


Guest Soaps

If you are looking for guest soaps can we suggest our Soap Samplers. They come in packs of six guest sized soaps in various fragrances and raw honey. They are the perfect size for guests, travel, BnB’s.

We also sell these wholesale in bulk for businesses if you are interested.


Body Wash / Shower Gel /Bubble Bath

Again, we are reluctant to use plastics and alternative packaging is expensive and difficult to post.

We have sold bubble bath and bubble bars in the past but there wasn’t enough demand to warrant keeping them in stock.  


Men’s Range

We try to stock some more ‘masculine’ fragrances and products eg, Wildwood soap, Super Scrub Bars, Beard Oil but our ethos is really one of creating gender free products.

Our skin and hair care products and soaps are great for everyone – old, young and regardless of gender.  


Leave In /Styling Hair Products

This is one that’s close to my heart. As a curly girl it can be hard to find products that don’t contain nasties like silicons, dimethicone etc.

We had one request for a hair wax and I am currently using my husband as a guinea pig for this very product. I have made a couple of different pomades but they still need some tweaking so watch this space.

I use our Aloe & Jojoba Liquid Conditioner as a leave in product to tame frizz and create healthy curls.

If you are looking for reduced frizz, more hydration, healthy looking hair give our Shampoo Bars and Conditioners a go.

These are some of our bestselling products. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Cleanser/Make Up Remover

We have our faithful Facial Cleansing Bar available now but we are working on a cream cleanser and micellar water.

It takes many trials and quite some time to get things to our standard before we are ready to sell so hang tight and we’ll get them to you asap.



I hope this covers everything. If you have any other questions or comments please send them through to

We love hearing from you.


    Thank you for the great answers

    plumber in alexandria
  • Bubble bars sound like such a great idea. The kids would love bubbles in their bath however I don’t like the plastic bottle options either.

    Michelle White

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