Tattoos - How to care for them with KINK Cream

Tattoos are definitely an investment.
You've put in lots of thought about the design and who will do it for you. 
Once you've had your tattoo done it makes sense to care for it properly so that it heals well, your design is kept intact and is on the path to looking fresh and clear for years to come. 

The effort you put in at the start often dictates how well it looks five years from now. 

We obviously want you to take the advice of your tattoo artist but here is some general advice on caring for your ink.


Day 1 :

Fresh tattoo is covered with tattoo film which can be removed after a few hours. At this stage it needs to be treated as the fresh wound that it is so make sure you wash your hands before touching the area. 

When you're ready, wash the area with cool water and a very gentle soap such as Kinfolk's Lulu's Baby Bastille Bar, Facial Cleansing Bar or Coconut & Honey Soap. Don't rub the tattoo, just run it under water to gently wash then pat dry with a clean towel or tissue/gauze/paper towel. 

Let it air dry and give it some time to breathe. 


Day 2 - 14 :

The Day 1 method of cleansing and moisturising should continue to be done 2 or 3 times a day until around day 14. 

It takes approximately 6 weeks for a tattoo to fully heal so you may need to extend this cleansing/moisturising regime depending on the size, design and where on your body the tattoo is placed. 

Apply a thin layer of KINK Tattoo Cream - it should be just enough to make it look shiny. Reapply at least three times a day until tattoo is healed - somewhere between 4-6 weeks. 

Keeping your design consistently moisturised minimises scabbing and flaking and helps your tattoo design to stay intact and clear. Don't scratch or pick at the design !

Once your tattoo is fully healed keep using KINK Cream daily to retain design radiance and to protect against fading. 

Using a sunscreen on your tattoo will significantly improve how it ages. 

Image : Tattoo by Diana Severinenko

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