Tips For Winter Skin & Hair

 Winter can really do a number on your skin.

Cold, dry air, super hot showers, not much exposure under layers of clothes - all can lead to dry, dull skin in need of some serious attention.

It's not just for your insanely good looks either. Your skin is your largest organ and it's working hard all the time regulating your temperature, providing a protective barrier against disease and infection, keeping your organs exactly where they are meant to be, not to mention our sense of touch. 

So how do we look after our skin. Read on ...

Have cooler showers - I know it's tempting to turn up the steam but all your really doing is stressing out your skin, irritating it and drying it out. 

Use cleanser or soap that contains cocoa butter. This miracle stuff will keep your skin supple and moisturised long after you use it. (By the way, we use cocoa butter in just about every product we make from soaps to bath bombs, hand balms, facial bars to hair conditioner)

Try a face serum to lock in moisture. We make our own hyaluronic acid and rose hydrosol face serum. It's such a lovely way to care for your skin. Maybe we will start making it for you ?? Let us know if you're interested.

Keep hydrated - during the cooler months we tend to drink less but heating, fires, air conditioning etc all play a role in drying out our skin and bodies so keep chugging down that water.

Exfoliate - our hot tip is to get yourself a pretan exfoliating glove. I'm not a fan of fake tan but these gloves are the best. Pop one of our super rich soaps into the glove and scrub away. You will be amazed at how your skin feels. Try our Indulgence Soap, Coconut & Honey or Raw Honey Bar. 

Use our hand balm daily. It's also great for slathering all over, especially after you've tried our exfoliation glove trick. You'll be tingling and glowing in no time.

Our hand balm is so good because it's full of skin nourishing ingredients (instead of 80% water like most lotions). Don't limit it to just hands though - apply to hands, feet, elbows, pregnant bellies for the best smelling, skin loving balm.

Bath bombs - soak in the tub, not too hot - ours have shea butter and cocoa butter and you will notice the feeling of it on your skin when you get out. Don't towel off - rub in, you don't want to waste all that buttery goodness.

Use a good quality lip balm (like our Honey or Vanilla Lip Balm) and try a weekly gently lip scrub. Simply mix a tablespoon of coconut oil together with a teaspoon each of sugar, raw honey and lemon juice.  Rub gently over lips to remove dead skin and moisturise. Rinse off and slather on the lip balm. 
Tip : try to avoid using cheap lip balms which are full of petroleum based chemicals, parabens and artificial nasties. Our lip balm is noting but goodness - beeswax and raw honey from our own hives, cocoa butter, shea butter, real vanilla ,coconut oil and vitamin E.

Hair Care Tips  

Do yourself the biggest favour and start using our shampoo and conditioner. We promise - once you try it you won't go back. We have them available in Moisturising and Balancing formulas. If you're not sure which one is right for you get in touch and we can help you find the perfect combo.

For dry/curly/colour and heat treated hair try leaving some conditioner on your hair after applying- don't rinse out completely. This will provide some ongoing moisturising and protection. It's like an all day treatment. For my dry/curly hair I rub a little conditioner onto my hands every morning during my shower and massage it into damp hair. I don't rinse it out at all. Just let my hair air dry and I'm good to go. 

Try a weekly treatment - cut a 1cm cube of conditioner off your bar and melt either in hands or 10 sec in microwave. Apply to wet, freshly washed hair. Cover with shower cap, loose towel or tshirt ( you want to cover and warm your hair but don't want to drag the conditioner out with an absorbent towel or hair wrap) and leave for 20mins or even overnight. Rinse out and wait for the compliments.

For dry or frizzy ends try some of our beard oil. It's full of hair loving oils like argan and jojoba. Just a few drops rubbed through the ends of your hair can make all the difference.


  • Soaps arrived today beautifully presented and smelling wonderful.
    Thank you so much.

    Tracey Lundgren
  • Just received my beautiful surprise gift with the most delicious smelling soaps and shampoo/ conditioner bars. Just spectacular!!

  • What is a face serum? Is it an oil or a cream? I couldn’t find it in your listings. I was looking for the ingredients.

    Michelle White
  • Brilliant…love it all- a friend suggested this sight. Thank you!
    I will order some stuff very soon.

    Szuszy Timar

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