Top 10 Best Sellers 2020

Our best sellers can change from season to season. 
Sometimes you need something to clear your stuffy head - Winter Soap.
Sometimes you need some extra care for dry skin - Quadruple Coconut or Hemp Soap. 

Our Top 10 Best Sellers seem to stay consistent and that's why we keep making them for you. 

Drumroll please ......

1. Blackberry, Vanilla & Honey - Like a smoothie for your bathroom. This soap is sweetly scented and is a huge hit with everyone from kids to grannies and everyone in between. 

2. Quadruple Coconut & Raw Honey  - the combination of coconut milk, coconut water, shredded coconut and coconut oil is nothing short of a big long drink for your skin. Add to that a splash of or very own Kinfolk raw honey and you've got yourself a very nice soap.

3. Raw Honey & Oat - Classic, good for your skin, made with honey from our hives and house made oat milk.4. Lavender - we makes lots of variation of lavender soap and they are always a hit.

5. Lulu's Lather - All the parents, including the ones in our family, swear by this gentle, soothing soap for our sweet little people. 

6. Chai - Once you try chai there's no going back. Warm, true to it's name. spicy.

7. Champagne Pear - this soap smells so fresh and zingy. It's a pure white bar and we think people just love a classic sometimes. 

8. Raspberry Coconut & Cacao - sweet, luscious and a little bit chocolatey. You know you want it. 

9. Rose & Clay - Classic, cleansing, gently, nourishing.

10. Lemongrass - it's refreshing and if you close your eyes you can pretend you're in Bali  


So, there you have it. Let us know which soaps are your favourites. 

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